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Key Stage 1 / P2-P3
We have 8 games suitable for KS1/P2-P3 literacy.  Leading on from Early Years development, this selection of games build on the basics and focus on different skills necessary for reading and spelling success. The first 4 games can be seen on our EARLY YEARS page, or by clicking on the titles below:
Blend-it     Blend-it Again     Chase     Odd-bods
Bugs is three games in one and helps with b,d,p, confusion, cvc words and initial and final blends
Glug covers 18 initial consonant blends.
Remember Remember is great for memory skills and the reversible board means you can use the words that you want to focus on at home or in the classroom
Splash is the only fun way we can think of to help children identify and count syllables in words!
Click on the name of the game to find out more or use the links below to see our other games!