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Research shows that very young children can make links between known words and new words, when the word is split into two parts called onset and the rime. Children make these analogies in both reading and writing. They use their ability to hear onsets and rimes to make letter-sound correspondences. It is easier to distinguish initial onsets rather than individual phonemes When children understand that different onsets can be spliced onto the same rime, they can make new and different words
Onset - the initial consonant or consonant blend before the vowel.
Rime - often a rhyme, the vowel and any consonants that follow it.
For example - in the word peg -  “p” is the onset and “eg” is the rime.
Onset and rime
Our game Blend-it Again uses Onset and Rime with 3 letter Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words
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