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New - Computer Games

penalty pc picture

Computer versions of HELP Educational Games now available. Currently under development are electronic versions of all your favourite games.


blend it picture

Blend-it is based on 3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant words. In this simple game, picture clues are given to help find the correct consonant ending.

Blend-It Again

blend it again picture

Blend-it Again is based on 3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant words. In this version, picture clues are given to help find the correct vowel-consonant ending.


bugs picture

Bugs has three exciting games to play!

1 with b, d, p words, 1 with short vowel sounds in CVC words and 1 with initial and final blends.


chase picture

Chase is an exciting cat and mouse game which helps children learn 70 of the essential high frequency words, in line with the National Literacy Strategy.


glug picture

Glug! is a fun game for beginning sound blends. Players collect frogs while they build words! Velcro helps to ensure the playing pieces stay put.

Odd Bods

odd-bods picture

Odd-bods is a jigsaw game that makes Letter Sounds and Key Word recognition fun. There are 24 high frequency words and 24 letter sounds plus blank cards included for your own choice of words. Now also includes numbers 1 to 12 for number recognition.


penalty picture

Penalty is a winner with football fans and is a great fun game for 2 to 4 players! Now updated to include sets of blanks for your own choice of words plus a numeracy kit which helps with multiplication and number bonds.


plunder picture

Plunder is an exciting way to learn the magic 'e' rule by plundering each other's pirate island! Plunder includes three word sets of varying difficulty. The game also includes a numeracy kit to help with multiplication tables (2 - 6) & number bonds.

Racer Chaser

racer-chaser picture

Racer Chaser is the latest game from HELP and is already proving to be a winner with children! The game combines the excitement of racing cars whilst reinforcing word building using prefix and suffix skills. The game consists of a warm-up round using less challenging words, then the real race begins, using 24 prefix words or 24 suffix words.

Remember Remember

box picture

Remember Remember has a dual purpose - it reinforces the magic 'e' rule through reading and rhyming words and is also a memory game with 2 sets of colourful pictures and clues.


scoop picture

Scoop! is a word building game to reinforce the learning of vowel digraphs and initial & final consonant blends.

Secret Sid

secret sid picture

Secret Sid is another fun game! The Sounds Investigation Detective is on the prowl for silent letters in words. Clues are given for the words that hide the silent letters.


splash picture

Splash reinforces word attack skills through practice in identifying and counting syllables in words.

School House Mouse

school house mouse picture

3 games in one - fantastic value and great fun. Schoolhouse Mouse, is super, fast moving fun as the players dash around the school to save their mice!