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Rhyming Skills

Phonics is the study of the sounds of language. In order to read and write you have to recognise the 44 sounds of English, and be able to 'sound out words' phonetically, segmenting them into individual sounds or phonemes (c-a-t) and blending them back together (cat). Children's awareness of phonemes develops through their appreciation of rhyme. Through playing with words like cat, mat, hat, rat they gradually come to recognise that the initial sound (c, m, h, r) is different each time. Rhythmic delivery of words in songs and rhymes also helps point up these initial phonemes - when a child chants It's easy-weasy-peasy-deasy! the rhythm of the chant supports the rhyme, which supports phonemic awareness. This is why action rhymes, marching rhymes and simple dances, where rhythm is expressed through movement, are particularly memorable and effective.

Remember Remember

rememberremember game image

Age 7+

Suitable resource for KS1 and KS2; Yr2-6; P2-P6

Remember Remember has a dual purpose - it reinforces the magic 'e' rule through reading and rhyming words and is also a memory game with 2 sets of colourful pictures and clues.

Now includes a reversible board with blanks for your own choice of words.

2 to 4 players.

GAME OF THE MONTH - save £3!

Helps with

  • Memory skills
  • Rhyming skills
  • Reading magic 'e' words

RRP: £15.95

Online Price: £12.95

RRP: £13.24

Online Price: £10.75